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Special Care

Sometimes, in the first period of utilization, it is possible an accentuation of the coughing phenomenon. The fluidization of the secretion in the Respiratory system leads to the elimination of these secretions. Coughing has an important part in this mechanism. 
 If the coughing strokes give you too much trouble you can set the voltage of the device to 6V or you can reduce the usage. REMEMBER that coughing, in this case, is not something to alarm for, unless it is too intense. You should then increase the usage step by step, from 1-2 hours to 6-8 hours daily and in less than 3 weeks the phenomenon mentioned above will disappear. 
 We recommend the same method in any other case of changes in your health state. In the first days of use, the amount of salt in the air is increasing so it is possible that the effects on your Respiratory system are too intense. 
 *** Special Note - For those of you, with severe restrictions on salt consuming: 
 The amount of salt in the filtered air is very low, under 0,2g/day in the first 10 days of usage and under 0,1g/day in the first month. These quantities of salt reach the epithelium surface and there are eliminated with the mucus. Considering this, it is estimated that the persons with salt restrictions, would have nothing to worry about. 
 As a precaution, we still recommend to set the device somewhere, separately, for just 3-4 days while operating continually on 12 V, in order to eliminate the powder of salt formed during transportation. 
 You could also open the device case and blow out the salt powder. 
 All this time, the person who has restriction on salt consuming should not come into contact with the powder. 
 *** When reducing the voltage, the filtered air and the noise produced by the machine decreases. 
 With the exception of the cases mentioned above, we do not recommend decreasing the voltage. 
 -Do not stop or modify your regular treatment! 
 -Do not neglect the usual medical consultations! 
 Always follow your doctor advice. 
 Do not force your behavior to things you are not used to. 
 The healthy effect of this cure is consolidated slowly, in months or even years. 
 The effects of balneary treatments into the salina are accumulated in time, along the years, but with miraculous results! 

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