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Mode of Action - General Considerations

The sodium ion is recognized in the specialty literature, but not only, as the main cellular membrane stabilizer at the respiratory epithelium level.The presence of the sodium ion goes to a fluidization of the bronchium secretion and of the respiratory superior lines by increasing the sol phase from mucous. Also the cilia motion is activated, even in the case of the chronic smokers (which usually have no cilia motion), all this resulting in a faster elimination of the secretions in the respiratory tree.
 The sodium causes a decrease of the aero digestive channel edemas(palatine wave, tongue base, the tonsil piliers) often found at the chronic snorting peoples.
 The inflammatory edema at the ostial level of the middle meatus also diminishes resulting in a nasal drain. These findings are unanimously recognized and are the base of clinical recommendations concerning chronic respiratory diseases in watering places from Romania, like Tg. Ocna, Slanic Moldova, Slanic Prahova, Ocnele Mari... Using the Salin system ensures a decrease of the inflammatory edema at the entire respiratory tree, resulting in a gradual reduction of your medicine treatment.
 How to use
 To have a significant healthy effect we recommend using the Salin device 8-10 hours/day. In the first period of utilization (at least a month) we suggest to use it intensively especially at night. Try using the device as long as you can, at home or at work, even starting the system 1-2 hours before actually entering the room. You should place the device 30 - 60 inches distance from you, in your room. It is not recommended to store or use the Salin device in spaces with high humidity or steam, in dusty places or in the kitchen because these kind of environments damages the saline filter.
 Changing the saline filter
 To maintain a pure air, it is a good idea to change the filter every 4-6 months. 

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